Your movie changed how I take care of myself… Really, I quit smoking,
started exercising and eating healthy… This has turned into being on a
path for loving myself deeply. Thank you Frank! - Spencer Franklin

Thank you for sharing this amazing film. It made me
realize how very grateful I am for my husband who pushed me to become
a certified health coach. I hope I can help transform and inspire my
clients as much as this film has inspired me. - Sherree Ross

I was moved and inspired by the story of Frank’s transformation. Frank,
thank you for allowing your very personal story to be shared publicly. Gregg,
thank you for being such a creative storyteller and bringing Frank’s journey
to all of us in a way that affects so many that see it. Best of luck to each of you
as your adventure together continues! - Chris Stewart

How lucky I was to be in the crowd last evening in KC! Words
cannot begin to explain how this movie touched my heart…
I am in love again, with possibilities! - SueAnn Strom

Frank…(And any one involved in the movie and journey) the experience
I had while watching it was unbelievable… Thank you. We’re IN love with
you and the story. I am actually watching the dvd again as I type this.
This story keeps on giving spiritually. I’m 16 and I just want to you to
know frank! You are helping mankind in a way I bet u never thought
you would… I hope your life is even more fulfilling than you’d ever
imagined and its only going to get better for you. So once again thank
you for everything! - Madeline McMillen

Saw this last night. Bought 3 copies…
HIGHLY recommend it! - Sue Quitno Vicory

This is my second viewing and I laughed and cried and loved it as
much the second time as the first! You touched my heart
and the hearts of so many all over again! – Jeri Birdsall

This was one of the most INSPIRING things I’ve ever seen…
Very different backgrounds, but amazing how many things
Frank Voiced that I could never quite put my finger on of my own
thoughts and fears. Thank you for being so open ~ you will never know
how many lives you touch! - Ellie Bowden- Daniels

I went to see the movie on a whim. I heard about it on the radio on
Thursday and thought it would be something different to do on a
Saturday. I ended up going to both showings. I went to the first
one by myself; I was so moved/touched by both the movie and
discussion afterwards that I just had to share it with my wife.
The film is so much more than about a guy losing a ton of weight.
It’s about transformation in its truest sense—it brings to light the
power of community and love and connection. My wife and I had
dinner afterwards–not vegan, I’m sorry to say, but still delicious
and special– We talked on and on about the movie and the
connections we saw between the film and my current journey
in transforming my own life. It was a beautiful, lovely Saturday.
Thank you Frank and to all of those who attended. - Thomas Forester