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I was excited to hear about a film screening in Venice, CA, on the eve of the Kindred Spirit Workshop, put on by Café Gratitude. From seeing the trailer of “May I Be Frank” (click link for trailer), I knew that the film [...] Click HERE to Read More

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The Essanay Silent Film Museum/Edison Theater will be the screening of a film by remarkable young men whose mission to help someone in need led them to the production of their first film. The film was the [...] Click HERE to Read More

Good Morning SuperForest, Today was a heck of a day. It began early, with the High Priestess of Joyology Tricia Huffman arriving at my door, with her friend the Lovely Miss Chelsea in tow. As I have no car and this is [...] Click HERE to Read More

I had the pleasure of writing a song for the movie after seeing an early cut and I still cry, laugh, and levitate each time I view it. This film has had a powerful effect on my life and the lives of many in my family. It is easy to [...] Click HERE to Read More

One cold, rainy evening in 2006, Frank Ferrante wandered into Café Gratitude in San Francisco looking for a cup of coffee. Soon enough, Ferrante learned this place didn’t have coffee, but only served raw food. [...] Click HERE to Read More

Frank Ferrante is a 290-pound, 54-year-old guy from Brooklyn, NY, with hepatitis C. He drinks ten espressos a day to stay awake, he’s a drug addict, his kids don’t like him, and what, I need to go on? Then one day [...] Click HERE to Read More

Some people are born Frank and some people learn to be Frank, but in the new film May I be Frank? no one can ever really be Frank except, well, Frank. Earnest, characterized as someone with a firm, humorless, and [...] Click HERE to Read More