Cary Mosier, Ryland Engelhart, Conor Gaffney

Cary Mosier, Ryland Engelhart, and Conor Gaffney are first time film-makers and best friends. All three men were working for Café Gratitude, a local San Francisco restaurant owned by the Engelhart family, when they first met Frank Ferrante. Cary came from a film making background, having studied at San Francisco State. Ryland and Conor both come from the music industry, working as a recording studio owner and musician, respectively. All three men have an interest in creating impactful and progressive works of art and media that carry a positive and inspiring message. MAY I BE FRANK is their debut project in the film medium.

Gregg Marks

Gregg Marks is a Filmmaker from New York City, with a 24 year background in music/composition, 12 years in design & motion graphics and 6 years in filming and editing. After honing his skills on shows like Styleyes,, and various Television Commercials, he was inspired to move to San Francisco and to make a documentary film. Upon arrival he met Ryland Engelhart, Cary Mosier and Conor Gaffney, who had just finished the initial filming of a powerful 42 day project about human transformation. After viewing the raw footage, Gregg knew this was it. After shooting an additional 50 hours of footage and 5 storyboards later, MAY I BE FRANK was complete. This is Gregg’s first full length feature documentary as a director and editor, which has inspired many in the film community, Alanis Morrisette, Jason Mraz, Woody Harrelson, Alice Walker, Dan Millman and many more who’ve reached out to help spread the word about this powerful film.